We have been producing, since 2019, cheeses made from raw ewe´s milk, and to a lesser extent, soft and fresh cheeses made from pasteurized ewe´s milk. We also make ewe’s milk yogurts, both whole milk and low fat.

We make our cheeses in an artisanal way, following traditional methods and in small productions. No hurries. In a traditional way, using our own hands in each and every one of the phases of the production process.

The milk comes from a small family farm, committed to our goal of obtaining the best quality cheese, 100% natural.

Apart from ewe’s milk, to obtain our cheeses, we only use our own lactic cultures, animal rennet and sea salt. We do not use cultures from laboratories, but we obtain our own cultures, by maturing milk from our sheeps 3 times a week (backslopping). Thanks to this, we achieve complex organoleptic characteristics in our cheeses from our milk’s own bacteria, preserving the autochthonous microbiota and avoiding the loss of unique organoleptic characteristics.

We only use natural rennet, of animal origin, obtained from rennet of suckling lambs, as a coagulating agent.

The care and maintenance of the cheeses during their maturation stage, on wooden shelves, as was always done in the traditional way, is also focused on obtaining a natural rind, mould matured, which is completely edible. We only brush and wash our cheeses with a solution of water and salt, without applying any type of treatment or additional element.

The result of all the care we put into the production process is to obtain a cheese of the best quality, with an intense aroma and a powerful flavor, which lasts in the mouth, evokes memories of our territory and surprises us by its naturalness, “like the cheeses of before” (words of our clients of which we are more than proud).

In summary, our main characteristic is the high quality of the ewe’s cheeses produced due to:

    • The use of raw ewe’s milk of the highest quality.
    • The use of own autochthonous cultures from matured own milk.
    • The use of natural animal rennet.
    • The non-addition of any preservative, thickener, or any other component.
    • The artisan elaboration, handmade production, following traditional methods.
    • Mould ripened, without additives or artificial treatments, to obtain a natural and edible rind.

We also make, to a lesser extent, mould-ripened soft cheese and fresh cheese, both made with pasteurized ewe´s milk, as well as some other ewe´s milk products as yogurts.